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Information on Missionaries and Ministries Supported by Northfield Baptist Church

Northfield Baptist Church Supported Missionaries & Ministries

"The purpose of this church is to glorify God through the salvation of the lost and the edification of believers.”

It is the vision and goal of Northfield Baptist Church to carry out the command of Christ's Great Commission. Therefore, we view missions as an integral ministry of our church and of our individual members.

Northfield Baptist Church has the opportunity to support many who share the Gospel of Jesus Christ both in our country and throughout the world by meeting financial needs, offering encouragement and through prayer. Following is information on people as well as ministries that NBC supports.

Ways to Support NBC Missionaries and Ministries

Below, all of the missionaries and ministries are listed that Northfield Baptist Church supports. Here are some ideas of how you as a church member can support them.

  1. Be aware of their needs, prayer requests and praises provided through the prayer letters.
  2. Pray for our missionaries and ministries regularly.
  3. Send them special offerings through funds collected in the ABF groups. Requests can be sent to the Treasurer through the church office.
  4. Send them notes or cards of encouragement.
  5. Spend time with missionary families when they are in our area on furlough.

Pray for Our Missionaries

Included here is a prayer list of praises and requests for our current missionaries.

Nate and Maam Beckman in Thailand

  • Pray for Nate and Maam as they prepare to return to Thailand on May 21. Pray for them in their packing preparations and with any paperwork that needs to be cared for before their return.
  • Their two older children, Ryann and Hudson will remain in the States rather than returning to Thailand. Pray for them as they are making decisions about school and future ministry that they would clearly know God’s direction for them. Pray for the family in this time of separation that there will be freedom from anxiety, comfort, and safety until they can all be back together again.
  • Pray for clear direction for Nate and Maam as they seek opportunity to plant another church. Pray for them as they transition back into ministry after furlough. Pray for Maam in her homeschooling of Nyah that she will find the needed resources and that the time they share together in teaching and learning will be effective.

Dave and Jeannie Ferguson, Baptist Mid-Missions

  • Pray for His work to advance
  • Pray for more lives surrendered to His call, for dedication to service in the lives of His children, for more laborers for the fields that await
  • Pray for the health struggles of their adult children and grandchildren

Joe and Esther Keim, Mission to Amish People (MAP)

  • Praise the Lord for the good fellowship and growth as the result of the Step Out of the Boat Conference. All who attended were able to sit under the preaching of five men. Brand new ministries, authors and displays were introduced. A young man gave his heart to Jesus, and another was baptized!
  •  Praise the Lord for the ministry of The Amish Voice. Over the years this publication has grown in size as well as in distribution. The Amish Voice has fast become one of the most popular tools in spreading the gospel among the Amish and former Amish communities. Pray the growth of this part of the MAPs ministry will continue.
  • Praise the Lord for the ministry through the Beyond Measure Market, now in its sixth year of operation. Through boldness in sharing Christ and praying over customers, several former Amish girls have given their hearts to Jesus, some have been baptized, and some have started attending weekly Bible studies!
  • Joe and Esther had the opportunity to come alongside a Nigerian couple in their ministry. As the result, Joe has used Zoom to preach to many Muslims in Nigeria and hundreds are getting saved! Pray for funds to print Bible study courses for the use of the people in Nigeria.
  • Pray for needed funds as they are in the process of transitioning the church bus garage attached to their building into more office space. 

Ken and Amy Lowe in Portugal 

  • They are currently at 86% of their support. Pray for the needed funds to come in.
  • Pray as they continue to make preparations as they transition to the field in Portugal both in the move and in family goodbyes. Their plan is to leave for Portugal on June 19.

Bill and Becky Petite in Japan

  • Pray for Mrs. Chizuru and Mrs. Uchizono: two unsaved ladies who have attended services, and for the salvation of Mr. Terakawa
  • Pray for the healing of Hiroko (cancer) Mrs. Terakawa's health and the salvation of her husband, and healing for Pastor Tago (OPLL) 
  • Pray for the health of Mr. Uemoto who is in ICU
  • Pray for the salvation of two elementary school boys, Sakuya and Tomoki, who attend the weekly Bible club
  • Pray for our health, energy and vision for outreach.
  • Pray for our daughter-in-law, Motoi`s father, Kazuo, is both dealing with adrenal cancer and pain and suffering brought on by MRSA contracted during treatment. 
  • Pray that new people in Izumi might be saved.
  • Pray for a future leader for the church.

Dave, Ruth Ann and Andrea Rogers, ABWE Chile

  • Pray for safety in travel as they begin their journey back to Chile on May 12th.
  • Praise the Lord that God has provided a place for Andrea to live for the next four months. In the fall, she will attend Lancaster Bible College!
  • Pray for the smooth sale of their car, which is scheduled to take place today, May 8.
  • Praise the Lord for an outstanding trip to Uruguay that Dave was able to take along with 20 other missionaries and ABWE leadership. They were blessed to plan, strategize, and collaborate towards greater effectiveness in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Pray for Dave as he continues to have increasing struggles with atrial fibrillation. Pray as he and the doctors discuss the possibility of having an ablation, potentially done in Chile. Pray also that funds will be available to pay for unexpected medical expenses.
  • Praise the Lord that Santiago Sanhueza came through his kidney transplant well. Pray for him in the next six months of healing that his body will have continued acceptance of his new kidney and he will have complete healing. Pray for him and the family in necessary adjustments.

Josh, Rachel, Nate, Anna Stewart in Taiwan

  • Praise the Lord God's grace continues to sustain them through sickness, pain and ministry.
  • Praise the Lord for the opportunity Nate and Anna had to attend a camp for missionary kids. They were able to make new friends and hear preaching in English to challenge them in their personal spiritual walk.
  • Pray for the church there that each person would stand strong in faith, unsaved family members would be saved, and a pastor would be found for the church.
  • Pray for Ren to follow Christ.
  • Pray for them to have wisdom and love as they continue to reach out to their neighbor, Zoe, whose husband passed away in November.

Michael and Sherri Vanek, Faith Baptist Community Church and Center

  • Praise the Lord the basketball court is now complete! The plan is to begin using it this spring with some pick-up games to welcome and get to know more of the youth and young adults in the neighborhood.
  • Praise the Lord that the youth room is also now mostly complete. This will allow their youth ministry to expand.
  • Praise the Lord also for gifts that will enable an update to the security systems allowing them to monitor it all remotely. 
  • Pray for Sherri as she continues to deal with the daily pain and rigidity from her rheumatoid arthritis. 
  • Continue to pray for Michael as he deals with Parkinson’s disease. His walking and balance are a constant struggle.
  • Pray for Emily and the opportunity she has to minister in Italy on a young adult missions' trip. Pray for safety in travel and fruit in their ministry.

Chris & Darcy Vergiels, Brazil with BMM

  • Praise the Lord for the three adults and one teen who were baptized and added to the church recently.
  • Praise the Lord also for the birth of their fifth grandchild, Annika Grace, to their daughter, Amanda with her husband, Allen.
  • Pray for Chris and Darcy as they continue to minister in Brazil and prepare to return to the States for Corrina’s wedding in June.

Joel and Sarah Wagner in Myanmar

  • They continue to have challenges with their visas with misinformation, mistakes and waiting - keeping them from obtaining their visas. They are reevaluating their visa options, including other countries.
  • Joel is now teaching GED classes to local Myanmar students. Pray for good conversations and a stable place for them to grow academically and spiritually.
  • Praise the Lord for the various needs being met with their team of translators from visas issued to funds sent to meet workshop expenses and printing costs.

Rob and Penny Whitty in Ghana Africa

  • Pray for health and strength for both of them. Penny has had to play with her medicine to overcome a flare-up of her immune issue. It affects her joints but praise the Lord, she is managing it well. Rob needs prayer for the usual aging process/issues. 
  • Pray for people to respond to the Gospel message. They have multiple opportunities to share so pray for the spirit to produce genuine fruit.
  • Pray for funding for the Emmanuel Baptist Christian School construction project. They are truly grateful for all God has done and are looking forward to the completion of this project.
  • Pray for Rob as he is working on a Master of Ministry project.
  • Pray for the growth and maturity of the Jinijini and Brenyekwa churches.

Cameron and Kerry Woolford, Servant Leaders International

  • Pray for the launch of Missions Certificate in Nicaragua.
  • Pray for new church plants in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
  • Pray for Cristina Torres who is being sent from Ecuador to Spain.
  • Pray for 2-3 new local church ministry interns in Latin America and Germany.
  • Pray for the Leipzig church plant as they finalize their plans to move into a new building early in 2024.
  • Pray for the Wachter family as they continue to raise support for a desired departure to Southern Germany in 2024.

Current & Active Missionaries

Nate & Maam Beckman

Serving in Thailand

Serving Missionaries in Asia & The Pacific

Baptist Mid-Missions

Nate grew up in the Central African Republic as the son of BMM missionaries Larry and Paula Beckman. Nate later served short-term in Thailand, where he met his wife, Maam. They joined BMM in 2001 and serve as church planters in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dave & Jeannie Ferguson

First Vice President and Administrator for Missionary Services

Baptist Mid-Missions

Dave and his wife, Jeannie, served as BMM missionaries with Campus Bible Fellowship from 1987 until 2002, before Dave joined our home office team as Assistant to the President/Director of Special Projects. He took his current position in 2017.

As Administrator for Missionary Services, Dave is responsible for administrative oversight and coordination of the Missionary Services working group, which is comprised of the following services: Missionary Finance, Field Administration, Special Projects, and Crisis Management.

Steve & Beth Gault

Field Administrator for Africa and Europe

Baptist Mid-Missions

Steve grew up in Central African Republic as a BMM MK. In 1991, he and his wife, Beth, joined BMM and served as church planters in his homeland. Civil wars caused the Gaults to relocate to Côte d’Ivoire and then to Cameroon. In his last 11 years in Africa, Steve also served as BMM’s Africa coordinator before joining the home office team in 2015.

Steve serves in a pastoral and consulting role for the missionaries serving in his fields. Steve and Beth come alongside missionaries to help them thrive in life and ministry.

Joe & Esther Keim

Mission to Amish People

Joe and Esther Keim were both born and raised in the Old Order Amish Community. They had been taught that only by keeping the Amish ordinance would they be able to get to heaven. Through the testimony and prayers of his friend, Paul, Joe realized that it was only through accepting Jesus as his Savior that he would get to heaven. Both he and Esther came to know the Lord, were married and soon became outcasts of the Amish for their new beliefs. Though they became involved in church and began to serve, they were burdened for the Amish and the desire for each to hear the clear message of salvation. The result of this call is Mission to Amish People. The three-fold purpose is to 1) Evangelize and disciple Amish and former Amish people; 2) Assist older teenagers and young adults who have already left the Amish culture by providing basic life skills; and 3) Expand MAP all over North America.

Ken & Amy Lowe

Serving with Faith Global Missions in Portugal

Ken and Amy have extensive experience working in Portugal. The Lowes worked in Portugal for over 15 years before returning to the States for the last 10 years. They are now desiring to return to Portugal to focus upon Biblical Counseling training and leadership development with local Portuguese churches. This is a key time of resourcing leaders in Portugal as churches strive to grow and reproduce. Ken has been ACBC certified since 2007 and his D.Min focused on leadership development through the local church. 

Bill & Becky Petite

Serving in Japan

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

Bill and Becky Petite are serving in Southern Japan and are involved with church planting, English teaching, the Living Hope Gospel Choir and Bill is Field Council Treasurer. They also teach English and Bible Classes, interpret for the deaf.

Dave & Ruth Ann Rogers

Serving in Chile

Association of Baptists for World Evangelism

Dave and Ruth Ann Rogers serve in Chile. Dave focuses on partnering with Chilean believers to plant churches (presently New Life Baptist) and equip leaders through the Seminary, overseeing the publications ministry, and field team leadership. Ruth Ann emphasizes the discipleship of women and teaching.

Josh & Rachel Stewart

Serving in Taiwan

Baptist Mid-Missions

The Stewarts joined BMM in 2010 to serve in Asia. Their current ministry is in Taiwan.

Michael & Sherri Vanek

Faith Baptist Church and Community Center

Baptist Mid-Missions

Michael and Sherri Vanek serve at the Faith Baptist Church and Community Center in inner-city Cleveland, Ohio. The church and center exist to preach the gospel, teach the Scriptures, and helping people grow into productive servants of Jesus Christ as He builds His church in inner-city Cleveland. To accomplish this mission, the Church & Center offer a variety of programs and free services including meals, a clothing store, medical services, pregnancy services, parenting classes, addiction classes, men’s, women’s and children’s programs, and church services.

Chris & Darcy Vergiels

Serving in Brazil

Baptist Mid-Missions

Chris was saved from a Catholic background in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Darcy was born in Brazil to Baptist Mid-Missions missionaries, Bob & Corrine Jones and trusted Christ as her Savior when she was five. We met in grad school at Bob Jones University and sensed God’s call in our lives for Brazil in 1991, joining the BMM in 1993. After our deputation ministry, we arrived in Brazil in January of 1997, where we worked in team ministry in metro Sao Paulo. After 6 years, we moved to the interior of the state of Sao Paulo to start Victory Baptist Church in Osvaldo Cruz. After this church graduated, the Lord moved us an hour away to the city of Presidente Prudente in 2016. Presently, we have a group of believers and meet in a rented facility. We are looking forward to purchasing property and constructing our church building. This is especially important in a Catholic culture because they look at the building as the church. Once our building is constructed, that barrier will be removed and more will come to hear the gospel preached and respond to accept Christ as Savior. We are excited to be part of God's work, building His church here in Presidente Prudente!

Joel & Sarah Wagner

Serving in Myanmar

Bibles International

Baptist Mid-Missions

Joel & Sarah Wagner serve in Myanmar with Bibles International, the Bible Society of Baptist Mid-Missions. Joel is the Field Translation Consultant. His role is to train nationals, biblical exegesis and linguistic analysis. Their goal is to assist nationals to bring God's Word to their own people in their own language. Currently, they are based in Chiang Mai Thailand and able to continue our translation work from there while they pray for the situation in Myanmar to be resolved.

Rob & Penny Whitty

Serving in Ghana

Baptist Mid-Missions

Our story is really our journey of becoming the "living sacrifice" mentioned in Romans 12:1. We are both products of a Christian home, but we both struggled as teens to find our way in the Christian life. We married on October 27, 1984, and God richly blessed us in the succeeding years with five wonderful children. Early in our journey we committed to the local church and to our own personal growth. It was in the arena of the local church that God planted the desire for Him deep in our hearts.

In the Spring of 1995, we committed ourselves to ministry, knowing it would be the mission field but not certain of the location. After several years of deputation and several bumps in the road, we landed in Ghana in the fall of 2003. Looking back we sense that God used every step of the journey to prepare us for this ministry. Even when we didn’t know where we would be, the Lord knew! Right now we are privileged to serve the Lord in the Bono Region. Here we have helped a national-led church expand its ministry and, in 2019, the church opened a Christian school. We cannot believe how God has directed and led through all these events!

Cameron & Kerry Woolford

Church Planting through Church Multiplication

Servant Leaders International

Our family has been involved in Church Planting and Leadership Training for 25 years. We have participated in 7 church plants working in the United States, Ecuador, and Costa Rica. We are grateful that God has given us the privilege to see His church become a light in communities where confusion and spiritual darkness reign. We look forward to seeing how God will use our family in the years to come to further His Kingdom. 

Current NBC Supported Organizations & Ministries


Camp Patmos is a premiere Christian youth camp located on Kelleys Island on Lake Erie in Ohio.
Skyview Ranch is a Christian Camp located in Millersburg, Ohio.


Cedarville University is a private Baptist university in Cedarville, Ohio.
Clarks Summit University is a private Baptist Bible college in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.
The College of Biblical Studies-Houston is a private nonprofit nondenominational evangelical coed Bible college located in Houston, Texas.
Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary is a private Christian college and seminary in Ankeny, Iowa.
Shepherds College is an accredited, faith-based post-secondary school for students with intellectual & developmental disabilities.


Baptist Children's Home provides Christian care and counsel for family living.
True Freedom Ministries is dedicated to reaching Ohio's prisoners, homeless, and addicted with the truth of God's Word.
ABWE is a global family of ministries that exists to fulfill the Great Commission by multiplying leaders, churches, and missions movements among every people.
The BMM family exists to strategically advance the building of Christ's church with His passion and for His glory in vital partnership with Baptist churches worldwide.
The GARBC exists to glorify God by assisting churches in biblical and dynamic disciple-making as an association of autonomous, Bible-centered, Christ-exalting, gospel-proclaiming Baptist churches.
The OARBC is a home for independent, autonomous Baptist churches who desire to make a stronger stand for the Gospel in Ohio by partnering with likeminded churches.
Compass 28:19 equips leaders and teams for a missions ministry along with inspiring individuals to strongly consider career ministries.