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Nomination for 2020 Officers

Submit names for the election of NBC officers for the coming year.

2020 Nomination Committee and Current Officers

2020 Nominating Committee

The following are serving on this year’s Nominating Committee: Pastor Mark Ashley, Ken Vanderground, Dan Jaworski Jr., Bob Hotchkiss, and Greg Perelka.

NBC Members Currently Serving on Boards

Deacon Board

Gary Hoffman

Jake Tipton

John Koduru

Ed Lehto

Sean Steele

Bob Hotchkiss

Arnie Mendez

Greg Perelka

Trustee Board

Nathan Burroughs

Dan Jaworski, Jr.

Bob Shaffer

Sean Harwood

Steve Novak

Ken Vanderground

Frank Klaus

Kurt Jaworski

Ted Wood

Church Clerk

Tonya Harwood


Jerry Jordak

Nomination of 2020 Officers

It is that time of the year when we prepare for the election of NBC officers for the coming year. Officers will be elected at our Annual Business Meeting, which is scheduled for Sunday, July 19.

You have the opportunity to participate in the process by submitting names to the Nominating Committee for their consideration. The Nominating Committee is responsible to present the official ballot to the church. No floor nominations are received at the meeting in which the election will be held. If you would like to submit a name to the Nominating Committee, the deadline for submitting those names is Sunday, June 14.  The list of nominees will be posted on Sunday, July 12, as required by our constitution.

The constitution gives the following qualifications for church officers: “All these officers shall be 18 years of age or older. All officers shall be spiritually mature, of unquestioned Christian character, loyal to the Word of God, dedicated and devoted to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the spiritual welfare of this church, and have been saved for one year. All officers shall be a member of this church for a minimum of six months except for Pastors.” (Article V, Section 1, Clauses a and b.) In addition to these qualifications are the specific qualifications for a deacon set forth in I Timothy 3:8-13. As you consider potential men for this office, please review those biblical requirements.

We encourage you to participate in this important process by (1) praying for the Lord’s direction, (2) submitting names for nomination, and (3) being willing to accept a nomination if approached by the Committee.

Please submit your nominations below. Thanks for your help!