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Church Work Day

Building & Grounds Projects

Summary of June 27 Workday

The day was forecast to be 80% chance of rain. We prayed for the Lord to hold back the rain, and He provided a dry day for the 18 volunteers who came out!

Projects and Results

  • Interior Painting: Nursery bathroom and teen room project complete by two couples.
  • Clean and paint shutters: One couple worked to wash 20 shutters and paint ten on Ministry Center. Project not fully completed yet.
  • Auditorium light under balcony & reinstall some pews: Completed.
  • Edge and mulch flower beds facing Rt. 82: Five yards of mulch were spread and the edging done, three yards more mulch needed and spread to finish project.
  • Topsoil: Project started but more to be done to fill low areas and reseed.
  • Pavilion and Ministry Center gutter cleaning: Pavilion gutters done.
  • Dumpster Fence Staining: Not started yet. Materials purchased.
  • Air Conditioning Fence: Replace and paint bad boards. Not started yet. Materials purchased.
  • Picnic Tables: Replace bad boards and stain. Not started yet. Materials purchased.
  • Playground Fence Repair: Not started yet. Materials purchased.
  • Paint Hallway by Cafeteria: Not started yet. Materials purchased.

Pizza, pop and snack cakes were enjoyed by all who stayed for lunch. A big thank you to our volunteers from 7-70+ years old who participated!

Please contact the church office at 330-467-7939 if you are willing to volunteer individually or with a team to complete any of the above projects to make further improvements on our campus this summer. It could be fun and is definitely rewarding.